Friday 27 December 2013

In response to Philzone. Im not saying Smoke on the Water is the best rock intro, instead I think it is in the category of "best intro that leads to a disappointing song" i.e. blues-rock-by-numbers growling. One of those tunes that seems to have invented just for the purpose of sampling. How many times has the opening been used on soundtracks, commercials, title sequences only for the vocals to be faded out?

[Pere Lebrun had a pithy description of the song on twitter, but I can't find it now.]


Alex Niven said...

Sweet Child O Mine is the surely the apex of this category. Superlative intro riff; terrible rest of tune.

William said...

Sweet Child O Mine is also one of those song they play in indie/rock clubs right at the end, but you can't dance to.

Paul Hebron said...

the 'fuck off home' song as I've seen similar referred to