Thursday 6 October 2011

Open Letter To The BBC

Dear Marmaduke Hussey,

I know you have to make a 20%  budget cut over the next five years, might I suggest the return of this old favourite?

It's better than 90% of your output, and little Carole Hersee and Bubbles are far more charismatic than 99% of your presenters.



Phil Knight said...

Daytime TV is a litany of horror isn't it? I remember when it was being touted as some kind of bold civilisational advance. Also, it's interesting that it appeared at the same time as mass unemployment.

I find Bubbles to be extraodinarily sinister though. I can never work out what's going on with the torso and apparent lack of limbs. Does anyone know what that looped piece of jazz guitar music that went with the test card was? The one that went dan-da-dan-da-dah, dan-da-dan-da-dah, dah-dah-daaah-daaah-daaah

William said...

As Danny Baker often says, TV needs to regain the confidence to say 'Sorry, that's all the good programs we have - we're shutting down now till we get some more ready'.

Alternatively, just let us have access to the BBC/Channel Four archives - we paid for them.

Anonymous said...

Around the world, most test cards in stations have vanished and it is due to 24 hour television and it is like 7-11 stores.