Thursday 3 March 2011

Nice Solo, That Man

Guitar solo
Organ solo
The Stranglers
George Melly
Lew Lewis
Burt Bacharach
The former Miss Australia



Simon said...

my brother tim had this single

more than the A-side (which is ace, i heard this first so dionne W's version has never quite sounded right, great as it indubitably is) i was really enthralled by "old codger" the george melly collaboration on the B-side

it's all salty code for... something -- couldn't quite figure it out then, still can't

how did the stranglers get to be pals with him then?

Phil Knight said...

The story I've heard is that Melly was simply a big fan of the band and pestered them to record with them.

Cornwell had quite a few music industry connections, for example he went to school with Richard Thompson, and played in his school band (Thompson taught him how to play bass), so it's quite easy to see how it came about.

I love "Old Codger" too. Stranglers B-sides were generally excellent - "Choosy Susie", "Go Buddy Go", "Shut Up", "Rok It To The Moon" etc. all great songs.