Wednesday 2 March 2011

as good today as it's ever been

1971, anticipating punk, post punk and US hardcore. Cold, angry, workerist, stripped down, anthemic, polemical, articulating the intractable confrontational trajectory of 70’s class politics, bent on strife and martyrdom, determinedly anti-hippy and anti-glam with an icy glamour and rhythmic heat all its own.

"Power to the people
Power to the poor
Power to the workers
Power to us all
And don't you know I feel proud
Just to shake your hand
Don't you know I feel proud
Just to make a stand when the old man dies
On Ascension Day….when we rise."


Lutz Eitel said...

My aunt, a spinsterish elementary school teacher, who mainly listened to Bach and whose rock collection consisted of one Dylan lp and one Simon and Garfunkel, had that record. It completely blew my juvenile mind and I tried to talk her into giving it to me, but she wouldn't part with it. Wonder what the story was...

carl said...

was she the vocalist?!

Lutz Eitel said...

Huh? (I of course thought that was the actor and inwardly accused him of selling out.)

carl said...

sorry Lutz, i was being fatuous...

but i'll have to give you a HUH? back

what actor?

still... nice to imagine your outwardly staid aunt nurtured secret dreams of revolution

Lutz Eitel said...

Would have seen him in this at the time (see the placating gesture? traitor!):