Saturday 9 April 2011

Gypsy Rover

Obviously I should already have written about the vast edifice of awesomeness that was The Faces, but unfortunately Warner Bros. have embargoed all their best stuff.

Nevertheless here's a clip of the great Ronnie Lane from 1976. Am I alone in suspecting that this performance was viewed and noted by a young Mr. K. Rowland?

And blow me, is that not future-Dexy Steve Brennan playing the violin up there?


lonepilgrim said...

There was an illuminating series of posts on the Faces recently over at the oneweekoneband tumblr account:

Phil Knight said...

Thanks for the link - some excellent writing there, but I have to disagree with that fellow's view that "First Step" is a bad record - it's by far the best thing The Faces ever did.

The version of "Wicked Messenger" is the best Dylan cover done by anyone, ever (and that includes Byrds/Hendrix/Roxy etc.)

David K Wayne said...

We should re-title this blog 'Where Did All The Ronnies Go?'