Sunday 26 June 2011

The Belgians!

You see, this is what we're missing nowadays - serious silliness. Because there's a time when all the analysis must stop, and we must lose ourselves in play.


David K Wayne said...

Along with Tony Benn, giggly Stuart is the last of the posh populist working class heroes. Standing up for footy, working mums, consumer rights, and making the Royals look like idiots on prime time TV.

Sure, we get transparent frauds like Frank Skinner or Ed Miliband now, but Hall kept it real.

Phil Knight said...

I don't think I watched a single episode of JSF without my Dad saying "Listen to him. Listen to that silly bugger laughing."

I'm tempted to do a long post about JSF - it's a reflection of something that seems to have long disappeared - people getting together and committing themselves to innocent fun. Nowadays everything seems to require 104 layers of frigging irony.

But it was a spellbinding programme really; during the show the outside world with all its cares didn't seem to exist.