Saturday 13 February 2016

Best of the Blog Book?

Calling all contributors past and present  

Carl and I have had a discussion about whether there could be a Best of the Decades Blog book. The blogs have featured some great writing over the years and it would be nice to give them some recognition. Also, Blogger will stop working at some point, people move onto other things, and it would be a shame to lose so many good posts.

Exactly what form this would take I don't know. We could follow Woebot's example and do it ourselves, or see if a publisher is interested.  But before going any further I would like to hear what other contributors think. So email your thoughts, pro or anti, to: belovedenemies [at]

Even if you only posted one piece, I would still like your opinion. Readers who feel strongly are also welcome to express their views. 



Phil Knight said...

What a shame I never got round to that combined Cleo Rocos/British Leyland post.

William said...

Save it for the DVD extras.