Tuesday 9 November 2010

Incompatible, Errant Parents of Hip Hop

From left to right: The crumbling New York Transit system of the 70s, schoolyard skipping chants, Muhammad Ali, Michael Manley (the austere subversion of DJ/MC culture), Milton Friedman, porn, Sesame Street, the Black Panther Party, Marvel superheroes, Governor Nelson Rockefeller (also Vice-President to Gerald "drop dead" Ford), wrestling feuds and tags, Redd FoxxBlaxploitation cinema, and TV remote control (hand-held 'sampling' in every home). 


Greyhoos said...

Hilariously brilliant. I'm inclined to discount the connex of pro wrestling & porn, and am pretty unsure about Redd Foxx. But still, brilliant.

Robert Moses? The NYC blackout of 1977? Or are those too obvious/direct?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late reply - internet connection wreaking havoc lately!

Yeah I overlooked Robert Moses and the blackout - good call!

Porn and pro-wrestling for the lyrical content (sex-as-action-movie and staged feudal rants, respectively).

And Red Foxx? As godfather of x-rated stand-up cum family-friendly sitcom star, he set the template for many a hiphop career...


Greyhoos said...

Got it. I suspected that those were the implied connex. The chosen pic threw me off. Wasn't sure if you were referring to Foxx's "working blue," or the fact that Sanford & Son topped the U.S TV ratings in the early 70s (reputedly to the chagrin of NBC's president and a handful of critics).