Saturday 4 December 2010

Keep On Truckin'


Phil Knight said...

And this:

also this:

I remember well the days when being a long-distance lorry driver was, in the popular imagination, akin to being a rapist.

Must be some connection somewhere with the Thatcherite preference for road over rail, and rampant individualism?

David K Wayne said...

I was still at primary school when he was at large - and I remember him being mentioned a lot.

It was a strange relief when he turned out to be a 'normal' bloke, but it was clear why our mothers told us never to speak to men in vans! I still find 'em a bit creepy...

Phil Knight said...

I remember there was a rumour that swept Peterborough that the Yorkshire Ripper was in town - I think it even made it into the local papers.

Christ knows how this rumour came about - as though Sutcliffe posted an itinerary for the month ahead. It did add a notable gothic atmosphere to an otherwise unremarkable town, though.