Monday 11 October 2010

The End of Boom and Bust.

Thank Christ we’ve had thirty years of neo-liberalism to rescue us once and for all from unemployment, insecurity, poverty, industrial strife, an intrusive state and the various evils of post-war socialism. It’s all been an unqualified success, but for those nostalgic for the glory days of the 70s, then certain key terms have been bandied about, no less a publication than The Economist hinted at it in a leader a few weeks back but couldn’t actually bring itself to use the term…it appears that Old World scourge stagflation may soon be back among us!

Lovers of revenant Seventies’ terminology will also have been delighting in the use of the term The Nixon Shock to describe the current currency race-to-the-bottom.'s like the 70s never ended. We all just pretended really hard that it had all gone away.

Meanwhile, of course, as I cruise youtube for a suitable link I find numerous adds urging me to invest in guaranteed green energy returns. Here come the next bubble! Good call this guy.
Personally I'm all keyed up for Winter of Discontent 2.0

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